Family and Stories

Ernest Thomas Hagger, courtesy of Julie Day
It's been a quiet week for storytelling, and May will be a quiet month altogether for me, but that's okay because with 3 graduations, the Connelly family reunion and our 30th anniversary this month, it's going to be a very busy time with family events. 

Family is really the heart of our lives, and of our stories. The stories I tell often reflect my upbringing--values, morals, ethics, and just as often might be about my family. 

The new story I am working on is about a grandfather I never knew but who is now as real to me as I'd sat on his lap, thanks to the diligent work of my cousin Julie in England. 

So many stories are hidden in our genealogy. And yet many of us wait until those who might know about the people and events of past generations are gone too. We are fortunate that one aunt is still living and still remembers. Find that one in your family, and ask the questions now, before the answers are buried with your elders.