Who is Granny Sue?

I am a West Virginia storyteller and I tell and sing stories in the old-time front-porch style.

From mountain tall tales to world folktales, poignant family stories, ghostly tales and Appalachian ballads, my storytelling goal is to entertain, educate and engage listeners of all ages, cultural backgrounds and interests.

Storytelling takes us back to a time when stories were part of the fabric of every day, when parents told children tales from their past and children shared daily adventures. Stories remind us of who we are, where we came from, and why it is important to remember our heritage. Stories share values and moral lessons, and give us a blueprint for the future.

Why storytelling?
People everywhere are rediscovering the joy of simply listening to a story and joining in on a song. It's an ageless way of connecting with others in the magic of a tale well-told.

Who likes stories?
It's not just children who enjoy a story! Adults want to hear stories of their heritage and history. Storytelling reminds us that we all share similar joys and heartaches, that we all make mistakes and learn from them, and that we need each other to survive.

What kinds of stories do I tell?
My repertoire includes:
Ghost stories
Family stories
Traditional mountain and world folktales
Tall tales and "lies"
West Virginia historical stories
Audience participation tales
Stories to fit any event's needs

What kinds of events hire a storyteller?

I have been a featured performer at events from Bellingham, Washington to Boston, Massachusetts.I have performed for education groups, retired teachers, daycare programs, festivals, fairs, conferences, libraries, schools, campfires, family reunions, house concerts, whitewater rafting groups and just about anywhere people gather. Storytelling is an interactive art form: the listeners engage with the performer as the story unfolds, traveling together into the places created by the teller's words. This makes storytelling uniquely suited for audiences of all kinds, from the pre-kindergarten student to the business workplace to festivals to senior centers.

Susanna Holstein