H is for Holidays!

Here we come a-caroling!

What better time for stories and songs than the holidays? In particular, the Christmas holidays in December and early January.

For the past three years I have been presenting a program based on the songs of the season, accompanied by the guitar and singing of musician Jeff Seager. We explore both ancient ballads and modern carols--everything from the pagan roots of The Holly Bears a Berry to the frankly commercial tales behind Rudolph and Frosty. Some we sing a cappella, some with Jeff's guitar accompaniment, many with the audience singing along, and all with the joy and spirit of the season.

Each year we seek out new material so that our presentation is fresh for return listeners at venues that have us back each year. I am constantly amazed at the wide variety of songs written for this season, and intrigued by the stories behind their creation.

We are already booking dates in November and December, so if you are looking for something different for your holiday open house or other events, give us a call at 866-643-1353 (toll-free) or drop me an email at susannaholstein@yahoo.com